Launch Week Recap

Thanks to everyone who made our first week awesome!

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March 22, 2021

Launch Week Recap

One week ago, we launched this website with the hopes of bringing a privacy-centric, remote-only job board into the mainstream over time.

The first week has been great. Most of the traffic so far has come from our Product Hunt post, and some came from our Hacker News post. We haven't gotten many clicks from search engines yet.

The Verdict

Coming up on about 1,000 visitors, Remote Hill is far from reaching critical mass. But all the growth so far has been steady and natural.

We've already had eight job posts on our board with many more lined up.

We haven't yet begun PPC marketing or anything like that - and we might not at all. It'd be interesting to see how far we could go fully organically.


This post is a bit off-topic from what we normally talk about in our blog, but don't worry! We'll get back to the usual after this.

But we'll definitely have to make a post when we reach a million visitors just to follow-up on this. It'd be fun to look back on.

Anyway, this is just a bookmark in our journey and we hoped you found these stats useful if you yourself happen to be looking to launch a website.

Until next time, happy remote-ing!

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