4 Underrated Video Conference Tips & Hacks

Number four can be a real lifesaver!

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March 24, 2021

4 Underrated Video Conference Tips & Hacks

Do you work remotely? If so, you're probably used to frequently hopping on video calls.

And even if you haven't gone remote, chances are, you still attend video conferences here and there.

So, here's some severely underrated video conference tips that we hope you'll find useful!

1. Use Ring Lights!

Ring lights are exactly what they sound like. They're lights, in the shape of rings. You attach them to your monitor and direct the light onto your face.

But they can drastically improve your presentation and professionalism when attending video conferences!

Plus, there's portable ring lights for mobile devices, if you're a mobile virtual meeting-goer.

2. Find A Great Backdrop

Ok, so you've got your lighting situation sorted out. But what about the environment behind you?

If you usually attend video conferences in the same location, try optimizing that location to have a professional background.

Even a blank wall behind you can be a great choice. You could even spruce it up with some curtains!

Try to use a virtual background as a last resort.

3. Improve Your Audio Quality

The difference between an average microphone and a great microphone is staggering.

Using a quality microphone, preferably with a pop filter, massively increases your professionalism and enhances your communication.

This is also a little trick you can do to blow away recruiters if you're doing a virtual interview!

Having a crisp, clear microphone automatically sets you apart from the crowd. Even a good $40 microphone can be orders of magnitude better than the one that comes with your computer or phone.

4. Bufferi.ng

If you don't yet know about Bufferi.ng, you're in luck, big-time. But just keep it a secret!

And no, we're not sponsored by this product. But it is a real stroke of brilliance.

Essentially, it fakes a bad connection so that you don't have to attend meetings that you don't want to attend.

We're not saying you should do this, but if pointless meetings are getting to you, a solution may just be within reach!

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