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Feed FAQ

How do I subscribe to a feed?

All you need to do is add the URL of the feed to the content aggregator of your choice. If you don't yet have a content aggregator, you can try something like Feedly, but there are plenty other options to choose from.

How do I customize the job feed?

One interesting thing about our remote job board RSS feed is that it is customizable. This way, you can receive updates whenever only specific types of jobs get posted, and filter out the rest.

You can customize the feed by passing URL parameters to the URL.

For example, while will list all active job posts on our site, will only display active development jobs.

Here is a table of all the accepted URL paramaters and their functions:

ParameterExpected Values (Comma-Separated)Function
primarydevelopment, design, project-management, content-creation, customer-support, sales, marketing, legal, financeOnly displays active jobs with the specified primary category
secondaryweb-development-front-end, web-development-back-end, web-development-full-stack, blockchain-development, desktop-development, mobile-development, data-science, devops, quality-assurance, graphic-design, ux-design, web-design, interior-design, fashion-design, hr-recruitment, software-it-project-management, engineering-project-management, insurance-project-management, construction-project-management, blogging, photography, videography, social-media-management, journalism, research, phone-support, email-chat-support, community-management, representation, lead-development, account-management, customer-retention, content-marketing, media-plannin, public-relations, data-analysis-strategy, corporate-law, virtual-paralegal, consulting, compliance, accounting, portfolio-management, financial-advisory, insuranceOnly displays active jobs with the specified secondary category

Additional paramters will be introduced throughout the future!