How To Stay Focused Working Remotely

Sick of being interrupted by conference calls every half hour?

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March 18, 2021

How To Stay Focused Working Remotely

You brew the morning cup of coffee, open the laptop, check in with your team, and get to work. You're wired in... but then the dreaded interruption hits you.

Whatever your remote work routine looks like, there's always going to be interruptions and distractions in some form.

Whether it's the Slack call, abrupt noise, or just the urge to sit around and daydream, staying focused is a real challenge for many remote workers.

Analyzing Focus Inhibitors

There are many variables that might lead to you losing your focus while working.

Some of those causes might be out of your control, such as mandatory check-ins. Other inhibitors, however, can be avoided almost entirely.

Try writing down everything that causes you to lose your focus, and if you're not sure what makes you lose your focus, try writing down when you lose your focus.

Common Inhibitors

Here are some of the most common focus-zapping causes:

  • Sudden noises, such as a plane flying overhead or a dog barking
  • Quickly changing the task you're working without a proper transition
  • Getting interrupted by another person, such as a team member

It's totally normal and quite common to lose track of what you're doing and zone out a bit when interruptions like these occur.

So, what can you do about it?

Avoiding Focus Loss

Ultimately, most of the strategies you implement to avoid losing your focus are going to depend on your circumstances.

Is external noise your problem? Try wearing some noise-cancelling headphones.

Getting bombarded with phone calls or messages? Set office hours and "do not disturb" times.

Universal Tips

Not all enhancements to optimizing your workflow are circumstantial, however. Even if you have no distractions, you're going to struggle staying zoned in for twenty hours straight.

Here are some universally helpful steps you can try taking:

  • Frequently take ten minute breaks to stretch and drink water
  • Adjust the position of your chair and desk throughout the day
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast on your screens to prolong the stamina of your eyes

If you can just do those things, you're already ahead of the crowd!