Privacy Policy

Remote Hill is a remote work website, which in this privacy policy shall be referred to as Remote Hill.

Any other party in this privacy policy shall be referred to as the user.

This document outlines the rules that must be followed in order to use Remote Hill, and is subject to United States law.

What data does Remote Hill collect?

Remote Hill may collect the following data on the user, depending on how the user interacts with Remote Hill:

  • the device with which the user accesses Remote Hill;
  • the country of the user;
  • the email address of the user;
  • the payment information of the user;
  • or any other information deliberately provided by the user.


For example, if the user subscribes to Remote Hill's newsletter or uses Remote Hill to post a job, the user's email may be processed.

Perhaps the user decides to post a job on Remote Hill. In such case, the user's payment information will be processed by Remote Hill's payment processor.

How does Remote Hill use the data they collect?

Remote Hill and the third parties on which they depend may use the data they collect to:

  • improve Remote Hill's understanding of how users interact with Remote Hill;
  • improve the security of Remote Hill;
  • provide access control infastructure for Remote Hill;
  • provide customer support;
  • provide newsletters;
  • provide invoices;
  • process payments;
  • or otherwise, in the sole discretion of Remote Hill, enhance the user's experience.

What rights does the user have with regard to their data?

The user may request to:

  • view their data at any time;
  • correct their data at any time;
  • or Remove their data at any time.

Contact Us

If the user has any questions regarding this document, they may contact Remote Hill by submitting a support ticket at Remote Hill's contact page.