Bootstrapping Calculator

How much runway do you actually need?

This handy calculator helps you determine how long you can live off your savings if you quit your job, and how much time you have to replace your previous income with a new one that meets your expenses.


Our bootstrapping calculator needs just four paramaters. The only uncertain variable is the monthly income growth. Be sure to treat it conservatively!

The first three parameters are measured in terms of a currency, such as dollars or pounds. Use whichever you prefer, but do not include the symbol!

The fourth and final parameter is measured in terms of months.


This is how much liquidity you have to start with.

Monthly Expenses

This is the amount of savings that you will be burning through each month.

Monthly Income Growth

The monthly income growth is the minimum amount you're betting your new source of income will increase by each month, starting from zero.


Your threshold is the number of months you're giving yourself to find a new source of income, such as by getting a new job, if your venture fails.